June 24, 2014In Royal Marines, WritingBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

Military Fitness Special Forces Training Plan by Sean LerwillMen’s Fitness asked me to write a progressive 12 week training programme that could take someone from unfit and out of shape to Commando fit but without using a gym.

As you will know, my first book was the fitness tips of the Royal Marine Commando and as such this book was a similar yet very different challenge. I enjoy the challenge writing a book brings: structuring it, deciding what should and shouldn’t be included and of course the dedication and discipline to sit and write it.

The video shown here is a behind the scenes of the photoshoot needed with Men’s Fitness to get all the exercises photographed for their explanations in the training programme section of the book. We also need holding shots and cover shots, and then the MF guys needed me to return to my normal guise of sports model for them; throw on some non-military kit and do some sprinting around the track for another feature!