Muscle Maven – 03 July 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

I have a feeling I have discussed this before but I feel it is important so will go into it a little again. I was sat waiting for my physio appointment which happens to be based in a Crossfit gym. Quite a few people doing Olympic lifts etc. Before I go much further I should say I admire Crossfit – coached responsibly I think it is a fantastic training methodology – poor coaching is poor regardless of the training method promoted. One of the women was cutting her session short due to feeling an injury (good choice) to which she was mocked (in a good natured way I should add). Then many started to talk about the various aches and pains they had and the various movements they avoid due to said injuries (these were not ‘good’ aches and pains). “Look at so and so – he is ripped despite training around his injuries”, was one quote.

There was also general ridicule of physio’s and the service they provide. Why would you want to train around an injury? The likelihood is that this will simply lead to imbalance and further injury later on. You do not want to start trying to add strength to dysfunction – the road to rehab can be long and all other goals may need to go on hold. Put it this way – if there was a problem with the brakes on your car would you drive it faster? No – you would take it to a mechanic and get the brakes fixed. Your body is the same. If you have an injury – see a specialist and get it sorted. It may involve taking a few steps back but learn to stop thinking short term and worry about the long game.

A plus point for me was that during my physio session my physio indicated I may be able to return to squatting (still rehabbing FAI). When I can do 3 x 10 pistol squats comfortably per leg (knee out, no wobbling, no anterior tilt in my hips)… bugger! Can currently get around a half squat before collapsing so lots of work to do!


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