Muscle Maven – 10 July 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

I have just found out that Lidl do protein bread rolls. Many are probably fully aware that these exist and have been happy eating them but I am sure there are many spending a fortune on Dr Zaks (or equivalent) who will be happy to know they can buy a baked protein roll for 39p! To be honest I am not one of these people who feels it necessary to try to pump protein into everything to make myself feel better about what I am eating. I’ll be honest – I have made protein pancakes, waffles, flapjacks etc but the truth is that while they taste good, they never seem to be AS good (although being the bargain hunter that I am I do have a fair amount of protein bars knocking about). I am not trying to get onto cover model shape, I am not going to compete in a show (as it seems just about everyone is) and I am not worried about having rock hard abs. I eat to feel good. That’s it. Fairly simple really. I consistently eat fresh, home cooked food so that when I do fancy pancakes – I have them. I have 4 boxes of Hotel Chocolat chocolates at home (£5 per box instead of £23) – if I want a chocolate I have a couple.

I understand it has taken me a long time to get to this point. I was overweight and had to go through a period of losing weight (see my 14 week challenge I did with Sean) but then a much longer period of learning about food, nutrition, what my body responded to and more importantly not allowing food to have power over me (although we all have ‘danger’ foods – Ben and Jerrys for me) so that when I am full I stop eating. That last bit is hard and like everyone I sometimes still struggle now (particularly as I was brought up to clear my plate – in fact this was even enforced at School) but (and this is important) I am prepared to give it time. If you are overweight then physically you can lose weight but the mental aspect takes more time.  Unless you have a specific deadline (for fat loss) you need to accept this. Without re-educating yourself you are likely to continue in a vicious cycle of weight (more specifically fat) gain followed by fat loss.

Take time to lose weight, to learn about YOUR body and break the cycle. You can do a 12 week (or 8, 6, 4 etc) transformation but are you going to return to old habits when finished?  Will the fat creep back on so that you follow the cycle again? Would it not be better to work with someone over 12 months and get to the point where you never have to ‘diet’ or ‘transform’ ever again? I want to point out that the 14 week transform I did with Sean was fantastic and set me on a path of learning but much of that was down to Sean being extremely responsible and taking time to educate me along the way. Other trainers don’t (believe me – I am talking from experience) so at the end of it you are none the wiser and you are left with is a diet plan paired with an insane training program that you can’t follow forever.  Yes it will cost you more money (to work with a trainer for 12 months) but I guarantee it will save you in the long run!

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