Muscle Maven – 12 June 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

Apologies for being little late but have been busier than expected recently!

I seem to have managed to get back on top of my training of late – it had taken a bit of a knock when I was diagnosed with FAI in both hips as much of my training was built around getting to a 200KG squat. Got to 180KG for 3 before finally seeing a physio about the pain in my hips/groin to then be told ‘no more squats’! This did knock me back as it was such a big part of my training that I enjoyed and so my training has suffered for a while.

Have now given myself a slap and decided to focus on getting my deadlift up – with my training I always like to have an end goal (always SMART, eh Sean?) as this helps me to push myself. So now it is all about rehab and deads!

Hopefully those of you that tried out the matched betting tip from last week were successful – feel free to drop me a tweet if you are stuck or not entirely sure what to do. With the Women’s World Cup at the moment it should be fairly easy to get the match needed for the free bet.

The Protein Works 25% off

I have bought various items from The Protein Works in the past and have always been impressed with the taste and quality of their products.  If you use code MISSU25 you will save 25% off all products on the site. Code will expire in around 36 hours.

Paypal 20% discount on iTunes codes

Paypal are currently offering a 20% discount on iTunes codes purchased through their site. Good chance to stock up on some gym tunes!

Give a little…

This is not going to be a money-saving tip – I would like to take this opportunity to ‘pay it forward’.  If you have saved some money through these tips (or even made some following last weeks advice on matched betting) it would be nice to perhaps do something small to help someone else. I like the idea that if on your way to work you happen to see someone sleeping rough – pop into the nearest supermarket and buy them a sandwich and a bottle of water. I know how easy it is to feel a little disillusioned when donating to charity as it can feel as though you are not really making a difference (before anyone comments I know it does make a difference and I will always continue to financially support the charities I currently donate to) – something like this has an immediate impact on someone.

Damian Murray - Author