Muscle Maven – 13 April 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

Well, a fairly busy week for me. Normal family life; for a couple of days I was buying a house. It fell through, so now sorting out a re-mortgage (should be able to save .71% and using another trick I will save just over £1200 in fees). On a good note, I finished the week by taking my son to the Gadget Show at the NEC. He won a pair of headphones and then blew all of his money on an RC car (managed to do a deal with a spare battery though! You see a trend here…?! 😉 )

MuscleFood flat iron steaks

MuscleFood are doing 10 South American flat iron steaks for £20! There is no voucher code required (if you have not ordered before use my referral code – AYCAZF – I get £5 in points and you get some free meat!). If you Google around you will find extra codes to save even more (usually in the way of extra product).

The Meat Man

The online meat delivery business seems to be booming – means good things for bargain hunters as they all want your hard earned cash. I saw a site for The Meat Man today and it seems to be pretty cheap. The 5KG chicken breasts are among the cheapest I have seen. It is not a site I have ordered from so can’t personally comment on the quality but I will be ordering in the near future to try them out – like MuscleFood; everyone has to start somewhere.

Magnum ice creams

It’s sunny – who doesn’t like an ice cream when it is hot. Get to Morrisons where the Magnum ice cream range is on offer – starting at just 99p for three. It’s not all about meat and protein powders 😀

Ben and Jerry’s free cone day

Lastly – don’t forget it is Ben and Jerry’s free cone day tomorrow (sadly not near me). See their website to find out where you can get yours.

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