Muscle Maven – 16 March 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

Back again for some more money saving tips. I know that most of this is simply common sense but I find that seeing these things in black and white helps to cement them in my mind (and hopefully yours).

Cook in bulk

I cannot express the importance of knowing how to cook if you truly want to save money – especially cooking in bulk! A great cookbook I have been using recently has been put together by Alexander Ferentinos. While the cost of the book is £29.99 (well e-book) there are some fantastic recipes contained and will save you money (and time) in the long run. Get some pour and store bags (most supermarkets sell them) and when you portion the meals out they will take up far less room in your fridge/freezer than Tupperware.

MuscleFood Steak Hampers

Another MuscleFood deal. I am a great fan of MuscleFood and many of their weekly deals are hard to beat. Add to this that you can usually find additional discount codes helps to make them a bargain. This week I like the look of the steak hamper for £19.99 – as previously mentioned if this is a first time order use DM1473 to get some additional free meat with your order (I will also receive £5 worth of points to spend at MuscleFood).

GoNutrition 60% off

GoNutrition is a supplement company started by Oliver Cookson – the same man that started (and eventually sold) MyProtein. Their products are good quality and taste fantastic. At the moment they have up to 60% off pills – great if you want to stock up on some ZMA, Omega 3 etc. They also have 25% off 25 products although be aware as sometimes the discounts only apply on small amounts (for example only 1KG whey) which can mean that you would actually get the same amount of discount if you were buying a bigger amount (say 4.5KG whey). Don’t forget Quidco – it’s usually around 16% for GoNutrition which is one of the biggest cashback amounts around. Also, as always my referral code – AYCAZF – it gets you some whey and me some points!

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