Muscle Maven – 18 June 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

It’s funny how you do some things without thinking assuming that everyone else does (or knows) the same thing. I saw a Periscope video from Jamie Alderton (if you see it thanks for reminding me to post about this Jamie) this past week where he was talking about the difference in cost between fresh and frozen spinach. The saving is massive – something like £1 per 100g fresh spinach vs £1.30 per 1 kg frozen (I am not actually sure if it is 1KG spinach which is then frozen or if it is 1KG frozen weight) this represents a huge saving.

The same is true across almost all frozen veg. I know we should all be eating free range organic carrots watered only with Evian and sung to by angels playing harps made from ethically sourced wood but the reality is that this is expensive. Where affordable I do buy organic produce (I do believe it is better for you) but I also believe you should simply buy the best you can afford (I guess this pretty much applies to everything).

Frozen veg

Frozen veg. As already mentioned the cost saving can be huge. In many cases it can be fresher than ‘fresh’ vegetables due to being frozen so quickly after being picked whereas fresh will be picked, washed (in many cases), transported, packaged and then transported to store. When the veg is frozen it is like hitting pause on the ageing process (of the vegetable) and the majority of the nutrients are ‘locked in’. For you it means you have access to cheap, tasty vegetables (and fruit) that will not rot or need to be thrown away.

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Bodybuilding Warehouse 50% off

A little late with this one (sorry) and the code expires at midnight tonight. Bodybuilding Warehouse has 50 products you can save 50% on if you use the code ‘SAVEHALF’. Do what I did – buy loads of beef jerky (75 bags) as it saves you a fortune and you have a cheap tasty snack always available!

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