Muscle Maven – 21 May 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

Like many of you I was off at BodyPower this previous weekend – such a great opportunity to see new kit, supplements and listen to some of the amazing speakers – many from other parts of the world. I like the idea that you can listen to someone for an hour and get an idea of whether you like the message they are putting across so that you can look up further articles and perhaps attend other seminars they may be holding. Otherwise you could pay to goto a seminar, hate the info put across and walk away thinking you have just wasted a load of money! Also allows you to accumulate a load of free supps and snare some real bargains if you hang around until closing on Sunday (three boxes of Reflex R Bars for a tenner was a great saving amongst others).

One thing I found fantastic was that I took my son (who is 11) with me and he absolutely loved it. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming to him that he really was buzzing and cannot wait until next year. I can also recommend taking a child to a seminar if you really want to ensure your understanding of the info is concrete as you have to explain it to them (to prevent the getting bored) so that they understand it. His favourite speaker was Phil Learney (we went to 4 seminars) as in his words “I understood exactly what he was saying” (so less work for me)! For me it was Alan Aragon (Ben’s second favourite) – I truly hope I can attend one of his seminars in the future. Finding the speakers you like will save you time and money in the future – as much as I recommend trying to be open and read as much as you can I feel that this can also lead to information overload. I have found that reading the info put out by a core few (that I follow) I can then branch out when I want to know more about a particular subject rather than try to simply read everything by everyone!

I suppose in a way this may bring me to my first tip…

BodyPower 2016

The dates for BodyPower next year have already been released: 13 – 15 May. Look for your hotel and book it now – they will only go up in price. If you are a public sector employee checkout the Hilton public sector prices. As I am a public sector employee I have booked a suite for little more than it would cost me to stay at the Premier Inn!

The Meat Man

Checkout The Meat Man – saw him at BodyPower and the prices offered are extremely tough to beat – great quality as well. There are many post BodyPower offers (5KG chicken breasts are £17.99) – if you use code ‘FREECHIX’ you will get 1KG BBQ chicken drumsticks with every offer or ‘MEAT5’ to save £5 off your order.

Meal Management bags

Many like Meal Management bags and I looked at a few while there. The one that impressed the most (although strictly speaking I would not say it is money saving as they are still pretty expensive) was the Isobag.  If you go to Isolator Fitness and use code ‘BODYPOWER’ you can save an extra 15% off their prices. For the smaller bags this brings the price down to less than they were charging at the show (the larger bags were going for less than half price close to the end on Sunday).

Other codes….

Obviously there are still great deals to be had at the usual sites (MuscleFood have £1 beef Jerky/Biltong at the moment and BOGOF on marinated chicken breasts using code ‘MIX’ or ‘MATCH’). Sales on at both MyProtein and The Protein Works – don’t forget Quidco!

Damian Murray - Author