Muscle Maven – 22 April 2015

Sorry for the delay – seems to have been a manic week with both work and home life! I won’t bore you with the details so on with the deals….

MuscleFood Peri Peri hache steaks

Another week another MuscleFood offer. Peri Peri hache steaks (if you haven’t tried a hache steak it is like a posh burger) are currently on offer at two for £2.80 (or order 14 as I did for £14). If you need to bump your order up they have Quest bars S’Mores flavour (more ‘cheap’ than ‘bargain’) for £18 or checkout the £10 mixed hamper.

GoNutrition spring sale

GoNutrition are currently having a spring sale. Although you tend to save a smaller amount when ordering larger sizes (as an example – whey) it is a good opportunity to try other flavours for little cost when ordering smaller sizes or pair up with Quidco to make a larger saving. As an example 2KG 100% Whey Protein (personally I am a HUGE fan of the Maple Syrup and Pancake flavour) would be £27.99 with discount and then an extra 10% cashback brings it down to £25.19. Cashback rates do drop depending on whether you are a new customer or not.

Pact Coffee

I like coffee. I like good coffee. Personally I use an Aeropress (Google it) to brew it and Pact Coffee is my brand of choice. I have found the coffee to be excellent and the customer service is among the best I have come across. It is not the cheapest but you can sign up with a referral code (mine is DAMIAN-D34D2A) to get your first bag delivered for £1. If you don’t like it you can very easily cancel. If you do not feel comfortable using my referral code you can Google and easily find another! They even do decaf (Swiss filter method) for those of you that like coffee without the kick.

There you have it. Three quick and easy tips. Feel free to tweet me etc if you feel that these tips are useful or not – all feedback is gratefully received.  If you see stuff on offer you wish to share let me know and I will include it or if you want me to look for more specific stuff again let me know!

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Damian Murray - Author