Muscle Maven – 23 November 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

The weekend before last I attended the Body Type Nutrition conference in Manchester. What a weekend! I have attended a few different educational events relating to health and fitness and I have to say that this is one of the best.

It was setup as a Saturday afternoon in a gym (the excellent Frontline Fitness Performance Centre – if you get a chance you should really check it out) with 5 mini ‘seminars’. You choose 3 of the 5 on offer (see above link for all of the details). The three I went for were ‘Simon Herbert – Internal Mechanisms that Limit Your Progress’, ‘Phil Patterson – Movement Progression & Programming for Sports’ and ‘Chris Emmet – Deadlift – How, Why and Ways to get Stronger’.

Simon went through some fantastic client assessment techniques including progressions – I am fairly certain that many who took part will be using some of the details given as part of initial checks with all clients. I learned of some imbalances I have and more importantly how to go about correcting them.

Movement progression with Phil was fascinating. A quick history lesson before moving onto explaining how different parts of your body are linked and how best to train them to make them stronger.

Deadlift with Chris was exactly as it says on the tin. We went through the technique of the deadlift and covered various assistance exercises to help with our weak spots (rack pulls needed for me).

On Sunday we had ‘Stephen Box – Understanding the Key Theories of Maximising Hypertrophy’, ‘Dan Meek – Why Your Workout isn’t Fat Burning’, ‘Stephen Aish – Why You Can’t Achieve Inner Peace’ and ‘Ben Coomber – Why you Aren’t Achieving your Goals’.

I won’t go into too much detail about the Sunday but all of the talks were enlightening and each speaker was very knowledgeable. I like the fact that as all of the coaches remain throughout the whole day they will help each other out with questions and all were happy for you to speak to. For many I think the talk that was the most powerful was that given by Stephen Aish. I know everyone probably assumed that this would be a waste of time. I guarantee every person probably came away from that talk wanting to find out much more. Stephen was able to grab everyone’s attention with a simple display of how powerful your mind is and I think many had tears in their eyes! Stephen mentioned to me that he was writing a book – I will be one of the first to buy it. Since returning I have been meditating for 10 mins a day and have seen the benefits within a week. Ben was, well, Ben. He is a natural in front of an audience and it is very interesting that he has spotted a shift in the industry towards mindset – if you don’t listen to his podcast, you should.

The Sunday ended with a charity auction. A chance to win a place on the BTN foundation and main academy. This is something I have wanted to get on for some time but have been unable to simply due to timing and cost. I was determined to win and I did! Paid less than half what it would normally cost (would you expect anything less)!

The reason I have avoided going into massive detail is the conference is going to go on tour. You will have the opportunity to attend one or both days. I would advise you to get on it. It is worth every single penny.

Black Friday

You must have been living under a rock if you missed that Black Friday is nearly upon us (or Black Friday week as it is now). A few of the usual suspects seem to be hinting at offers. GoNutrition have said that they will be having a sale and MuscleFood have said they will be doing deals throughout the week.


This website will cost you a lot of money! They have flash sales covering some great brands for almost every kind of sport. Sign up and check them out!


I know I have already mentioned Black Friday but Amazon were the first retailer to bring it to this country from the US so I felt they deserved their own mention! Worth keeping an eye during the week as they have so many offers. Some are complete garbage but there are some jewels (literally) to be had.

Damian Murray - Author