Muscle Maven – 25 March 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

I hope everyone has had a good week – most of mine was spent sorting my back out (slight strain from strongman circuits) so that I could run RockSolidRace (15K) at Escot Park. Great fun and plenty of mud – if you are interested in OCR’s it is fantastic and well run – sign up now if you are interested for next year as the earlier you sign up the cheaper it is. Tip time…

Short date Quest Bars

Predator Nutrition have a sale on short date Quest Bars. Often seen as the gold standard of protein bars, they do attract a premium price. This gives you an opportunity to see if you like them at a slightly cheaper price. Although the two best flavours (cookie dough and cookies and cream in my opinion) there are plenty to choose from. Visit for for details…

GoNutrition Sale

GoNutrition have a good sale on amino’s and creatine (amongst a few other things). Please remember Quidco; it really helps to bring the price down even further when you factor in cashback.

MyProtein’s Price Beater

MyProtein generally have pretty good prices for most things but it can be possible to get even better prices using their price beater. Just type in the web address of the company you want them to match to see if there are any products eligible.  The usual companies (but there are others) are:

I am sure there are others – a quick Google will reveal them. As above – don’t forget Quidco and additional discount codes (check the MyProtein sponsored athletes – they all have codes for an extra 10% off).

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Damian Murray - Author