Muscle Maven – 06 May 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

This post was due to go out last week but selfishly Sean decided to take himself off to Thailand (not that I am jealous or anything)! Luckily the deals are still on!

Sorry for the delay but there is a reason for this. I have noticed a slight change in that many of the supplement companies must be noticing a drop in midweek sales and so seem to be releasing better deals on Tuesday / Wednesday. My previous week has not been too great – diagnosed by physio as having double hip impingement, this looks as though I will be spending the foreseeable future rehabbing and avoiding anything that may make it worse (specifically squats). Annoying to say the least as I was edging closer to my target of a 200KG squat (got 180 for 3) – however I can still DL (a weak point for me) so will shift focus to that instead. This sort of brings me to tip 1…

Don’t waste time / money on training / supplements / diet

If you are unsure where to start or have hit a plateau or are injured (I could go on) seek the advice of a professional. You are reading this on Sean’s website – I was training for nearly 15 years before I met Sean and had a program designed by him. In that 15 years did I reach the goals I had set myself (to be honest like most men I simply wanted abs)? No! Within 12 weeks of proper training and guidance I had reached my goal and started on a path of learning about nutrition – something I had never imagined would interest me. I am not saying specifically that you have to use Sean – there are many good coaches out there – a good one will save you vast amounts of time and money in the long run and get you to your goals far quicker.

The same goes with injury (obviously this has been on my mind this past week) – don’t try to build strength on dysfunction. It will only lead to pain in the long run. If you are having pains – get them checked out – I can’t remember where I read it but we know the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ pain (DOMS v muscle strain for example). Bad pain is your body telling you something is up and should not be ignored.

MuscleFood BOGO protein pizzas

A more standard tip! MuscleFood are pretty hard to beat with their weekly special offers at the moment. If you have not signed up to their e-mail list then do it now! Pick of the week has to be BOGOF on their protein pizzas. Follow the on-screen instructions (I know it says ‘Two for Tuesday’ but the code is still working.

Greek Yoghurt

This past week I have been making my own Greek Yoghurt. Very simple to do (Google it or hit me up on Twitter) and I am getting yoghurt that is a far better flavour than any I have tasted! I have been using an EasiYo (Wilkinson was the cheapest place to purchase – £10) and so far have found that 1% Milk (I like the low-fat Greek Yoghurt) makes the best yoghurt (going to try gold top this weekend). You can obviously use it to make whatever yoghurt you fancy (I am going to try to make Skyr in the near future). There is a huge benefit in that there are more live cultures in the yoghurt that you make so benefits your digestive system as well!

A little different from the usual deals but money saving nonetheless! Here are a couple of extra’s…

  • I love making my own burgers. However, Morrisons currently have their Signature burgers half price.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for e-mails from the supps companies regarding sales – they all seem to be putting offers on at the moment!
  • I know I have recommended making your own yoghurt but if you have yet to experience Skyr you are missing out. Currently in Tesco on two for £2 – you will not regret it.

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