Muscle Maven – 07 April 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

A little late with the tips I am afraid. Like everyone else I was busy enjoying the Easter Weekend and spent yesterday out in the sun! I hope everyone has stocked up on half price Easter eggs (picked up my Hotel Chocolat fix) ready to enjoy post workout (only kidding)!

The Protein Works sale

The Protein Works has a good sale ending tonight (well – they always say that and then you get a notice letting you know the sale has been extended). While usually on the expensive side they do have some great flavours available and have some great innovations. The sale is definitely worth checking out

Morrisons pork shoulders

Morrisons have cut the price of their pork shoulder joint to £2.49 per KG. Yes I am aware Aldi may be cheaper and that better quality meat may be available (at a higher cost) but I have found the Morrisons joint to be fantastic for pulled pork (check previous posts for recipe) and I get more meat from it than the Aldi equivalent.

Zero noodles

Agree or not they are a great way of bulking out a meal with virtually no added calories (well a minimal amount).  I won’t go into detail of what exactly they are (Google it) but they can be had far cheaper than usual high street store prices. Simply go to your local Asian food outlet and look for ‘Konjac Noodles’. I have paid as little as a quarter of the usual high street (and half of the online) price. They take a little getting used to but as I said earlier – great way of increasing food volume with little impact on the calorific content of a meal.

That’s it – another 3 bargains to be had.

Damian Murray - Author