Never Give Up

This week Barcelona did something amazing. If you are a football fan I needn’t say anymore, if you’re not, just believe me when I say it was historic. They simply would “never give up”. They did something no other team could’ve done; against pretty damn good opposition, PSG, who had already beaten them 4-0. They overturned that 4-0 deficit to end up winning the tie (where two teams play each other twice, home and away, and the score is levied across both games) 6-5, meaning they won 6-1 on the night.


Their efforts inspired me to write this post “Never Give Up’. It’s easy to say of course. We have all given up on something at some point or we’d all be premier league footballers, or Hollywood actors, or the Prime Minister. I challenge anyone to say they’ve achieved everything they’ve ever set out to do. However, there are times when that Never Give Up, never say die attitude can really help.

For Barcelona, they were against a team with some of the world’s top players. They knew to win they couldn’t afford to let a goal in. They got themselves so close when they had the score at 3-0. Something many didn’t think they could do. All they needed to do was get it to 4-0 and they forced extra time and it was winner takes all.

Sean Lerwill training people in a field to ensure a positive mindset

The mindset of the players to get it to 3-0 was incredible, as it really was against the odds. However, to then let a goal in for 3-1, knowing then that with PSG having an away goal (Barcelona didn’t score in Paris, so PSG now have an advantage) they had to win the game 6-1, most players would let their heads drop. The obvious thought process is that they gave it their best shot but it wasn’t meant to be. Not this lot. It goes to show, a strong mindset at least keeps you in the game.

You make your own luck

People will argue they were lucky to get a second penalty. They were lucky to score with the last kick of the game. I’d argue you make your own luck. They had to be pressing forward into the box to get that penalty. The players could’ve let it all get to them and be thinking of the next league game. Nope, not this team. Everything is about now. This moment. What a mindset and what a way to be.

They kept themselves in the game, never gave in and played in the moment right until the end. They may have been lucky, but lucky because they never give up in any situation. It was a joy and inspiration to watch.

For you

How does this affect you then? I’d say it shows you that setbacks are just that, setbacks. Overcoming a 4-0 deficit was one thing, but then at 3-1 knowing you must win 6-1, it seems insurmountable. But it was possible. Slim chance, but still a chance. Last year I ruptured my right biceps. At my age I could’ve decided to give up on some of the things I do; take up yoga and cycling instead. I have a sports modelling photoshoot on Monday. Right now, I’m really enjoying my training, in particular slow tempo chin-ups that put huge pressure on that biceps.

Don’t get me wrong, I did my rehab. I worked hard. I certainly had the mindset of “never give up”. Was I worried at times? Sure, but past experience and worse injuries helped with that mindset. By doing my rehab and keeping a strong mind, did I make my own luck or was I lucky? Food for thought.

Whether you are training for an event, sports performance, weight loss or muscle gain, you will suffer setbacks. We all do. They are like death and taxes: inevitable. However, how you react is up to you. A never give up attitude, a strong mindset and making your own luck. All down to you. Take a little something from the Barcelona players: Never Give Up.

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