February 20, 2012In WritingBy Sean Lerwill3 Minutes

I haven’t really mentioned it here yet, but I’ve been asked to write the Haynes Guide to Triathlons following the good reception for my running manual since its release in January this year. If all goes well, the triathlon guide should hit the shelves in January 2013 – that is of course as long as my writers block doesn’t get in the way (and of course if I can pull myself away from updating this website!)

With a new book contract comes that all important place to write! For the Marine Fitness Manual it was on the Waterfront on the beautiful Quayside in Exeter (I was writing in May/June mostly – so sat in the Sun with my laptop: hard life writers have!). For the running manual, various Starbucks across London became my second home(s), with Wardour Street, Vigo Street and Conduit Street all proving to be regular haunts for me and my MacBookPro. Embarrassingly, it even got to the point where the Baristas knew my order as I walked in and would give me the “bring your own cup” discount even when I forgot to bring my own cup!

Anyway, the point is, that I’ve now found another great “hang-out”, which I think could prove to be the home of ideas for the triathlon guide: Coffee#1 in Exeter.

Although this is not their first coffee shop, with previous efforts gracing the streets of Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, Clevedon, Wells and Penrath to name a few, they really have got it right. A mix of leather sofas, wooden tables and chairs and even a kitchen style central breakfast bar make it a perfect place for students, shoppers, families and writers alike. Equally, it’s tucked away just enough that it’s always busy, but never so much that you can’t find a seat.

I haven’t tried the food yet, but it looks great, and if the smoothies, coffee and other drinks (Miss B seems addicted to the hot apple and cinnamon) are anything to go by, it should be great. Well worth a look in if you are ever in Exeter. If there’s a stressed out person with a few books scattered around an iPad or a MacBook, you may well have caught me trying to find the words…