Introducing: Muscle Maven

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

A good friend of mine, Damian Murray (seen below with me from a shoot we did with SNHFoto) has agreed to write a weekly post for my blog under the tile of “The Muscle Maven”; a term we coined as Damo was always the man to ask if you were after the best deal on some sort of supplement, food or even a holiday!

Anyway, I asked Damo if he’d start sharing his findings with us all and here we are: Muscle Maven Murray Blog 1!

Sean Lerwill and Damian Murray (by snhfoto)

Hopefully this will be the start of some good money-saving tips for everyone. I pride myself on paying full price as little as possible for goods and services – this really comes into its own with food and supplements. The money you can save can be huge – there are always bargains to be had provided you know when and/or where to look. I aim to go with 3 tips per week so here goes (some might be general tips, others will simply be bargains!)…

Supermarket reductions

Find out when your supermarket reduces food. This can save a HUGE amount of money. I know when all of the supermarkets in my area reduce food (mostly meat) – I am not talking simple 10% – 20% off but from 50% – 75% off. Most will reduce food when it is on its “use by” date and reductions will increase when it gets closer to closing time. Ensure that you cook or freeze the food fairly quickly (personally I use common sense – some food I store in the fridge if I plan to eat within a couple of days – if it smells bad when I want to use it I will bin it).

Get over the embarrassment of buying reduced food – I have been thanked by workers who are heartbroken when they are throwing it in the bin at the end of the night.


If you have not yet come across MuscleFood you are missing out. Here we have 10 grass-fed sirloin steaks for £24. If you like steak – buy them. Use code DM1473 if you have not purchased before and you can choose an additional product with your first order (disclaimer – I will also get £5 of points to spend with them – this is also another tip – always pass your referral code on when possible).

MyProtein sales

MyProtein have a pretty good sale at the moment where if you buy a product from the sale you can also get 9 free promilk and a free shaker. There are some good bargains to be had – make sure you have a Quidco account before you buy (for cashback) and use an additional discount code (I could give you my referral code but it you use a sponsored athletes code you get 10% instead of 5% for mine – check Terry Hollands social media profile(s) for a code.

Check out Damian on Twitter (@damian_murray) and Instagram for more Muscle Maven bargains.

Damian Murray - Author