January 1, 2020In NewsBy Sean Lerwill5 Minutes

Happy New Year

First of all, Happy New Year.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas and wish everyone all the best for 2020.

So what’s new for 2020 here at SeanLerwill.com?  The big news is the release of two new books:

  1. The Guide to Muscle Gain
  2. The Guide to Fat Loss

These two are all you need for either goal.

Sean Lerwill's Guide to Muscle Gain cover

The Guide to Muscle Gain

If this year’s goal is to add muscle then The Guide to Muscle Gain is the book for you.  It not only contains all the nutritional knowledge you need to ensure you eat correctly, but also three separate training programmes that together make up over 6 months of training, and if repeated sensibly up to a year’s worth of training or more!  This is everything you need to ensure you’re packing on muscle in 2020. Ready to grow?

Sean Lerwill's Guide to Fatloos cover

The Guide to Fat Loss

Fat loss follows suit. My new Guide to Fat Loss is here to ensure you get rid of that excess body fat in 2020.  It contains all the nutritional knowledge you need to create a Calorie deficit, plus three separate training programmes to cover at least 6 months (and potentially up to and over a year) of training if repeated correctly.  This is everything you need to ensure that 2020 is your year for losing body fat.

Combine and conquer!

Yes, people usually say divide and conquer, so let me explain.  Prior to the release of these new guides, SeanLerwill.com has previously had a wide range of training programmes from German Volume Training, Strength and Volume, to EMOM and many more.  However, instead of encouraging people to vary their training after a few months on one training programme by moving onto another, the wide selection sometimes caused confusion.  Therefore, I have teamed three of the training programmes into Fat Loss with the relevant nutrition, and another three into Muscle Gain with the relevant nutrition.  Hence: combine and conquer.  Have a look at the specific pages for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain to find out which programmes have been used for each.

Successful Eating

If you’re a stickler for detail then Successful Eating is a fantastic book to pair with either of the new guides.  Although they both contain the essential information for their respective goals, some people like to get into the detail a bit more.  Successful Eating does just that, providing the science behind the information as well as chapters on current nutrition trends, common mistakes and example meal plans.  It will give you a far greater and deeper understanding, via an easy to follow yet comprehensive nutritional guide, and this can be the secret to success for those people who like to really understand what they are doing.

New Year’s Resolution Success

So if your resolution for 2020 is to gain muscle or lost bodyfat, look no further: a plan for both goals is ready to go.  As we are often told, a goal without a plan is just a dream.  Make your dream a reality by committing to something.  Both guides help you sort your nutritional plan out for your specific goal and then layout all the training you need to do, with built-in progression, to ensure you can make your goal a reality.

Good luck!

Whatever you are trying this year, I wish you the best of luck with it.  Let me know via social media how you are getting on. It’s always good to be able to inspire and pass on advice when people are using my books to reach their goals.