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Health and Fitness

Fitness is a big part of my life and always will be, whether it’s helping and advising others through social media and books, or training myself, I can’t see that changing. I personally enjoy eating well, training hard and setting new goals to see what I can achieve. By doing this I not only feel that I am bullet proofing my body from injury and aiding my overal health and wellbeing, but it also allows me to eat a little more of what I want while still looking the way I like to look.

New Year’s Resolutions

sean lerwill how to lose weight

As normal at this time of year, New Year’s resolutions are the talk of the town; in particular: health and fitness. Largely, the number one aim after a long year and an over indulgent holiday season is fatloss/weightloss. People want to quit the booze, join the fitness train and feel good about themselves until the summer holiday where they want to fit into the skimpy bikini or show the six pack and big biceps on the beach. Fair enough.

One word…

I have one word to add to everything else that everyone with an instagram account and a little bit of knowledge on fitness will be saying. That word?


Patience is the thing we are so short of in this day and age. You want something? Amazon! You need it tomorrow. Fine, Prime, it’s here. You want the answer to a question? Google. There you go. Want a date? Tinder. Done. Life wasn’t always like that. Things were slower. We had more patience. The thing is, some of the best things in life take time and are worth waiting for. I agree, time is our most important commodity. It’s the one we can’t buy more of, so use it F-ing wisely. But that doesn’t mean you have to be impatient with the things that take time.

If you’ve picked up a fitness mag that promises a six pack in two weeks, throw it on the bin. If you have signed up to a gym that promises X amount of weight loss in 4 weeks from 2 classes a week, quit. And if you are looking at 1-week fitness camps that promise you’ll lose a dress size in 5 days, please, please read my nutrition book Successful Eating before you waste your money and damage your metabolism.

There are certain things that you should concentrate on if you want to achieve fatloss combined with health and fitness over the coming months before summer:

  1. A Calorie deficit (read Successful Eating for more details)
  2. More vegetables and enough protein each day (read Successful Eating for more details)
  3. Consistency with both of the above.
  4. A sensible training programme that focusses on resistance training NOT cardio training. Cardio can be part of the training, but not all of it. Have a look at the many programmes available on this site.


If you can’t be patient, you’ll do something stupid which will be detrimental to the goal. Don’t believe magazines, gyms or trainers that tell you that you can achieve your goal in 3 x 30min sessions a week for a month. They don’t know what you are doing outside those sessions and without consistent nutritional and training methods, whatever they are saying cannot be guaranteed. The fitness industry must make a huge proportion of its yearly intake from Jan/Feb/Mar. Magazines, gyms and trainers want to make money. Remember that. You have to be patient and know that the longer you stick at it, the better the results and the longer they will last.

FREE fatloss course

Last year I put together some FREE courses, my free fatloss course is a video per day for 30days to educate you on what you NEED to know to achieve your goal. There’s also a muscle gain course which I’d recommend too.

I also put together a FREE ebook called Ten Simple Ways to Lose Fat, which can be downloaded and provides you with ten little things you can do to help your fatloss journey.

Above all though, be patient. If you do everything else right, that patience will see you through.