July 12, 2014In Sean's SessionsBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

This weekend Kate and I are staying with friends in Exeter. Yesterday we were lucky enough to go to Peak performance gym, but today we were left gymless.

I don’t mind being left without a gym every now and then; it reminds me of my Royal Marine PTI roots. When I packed for this weekend away, I packed my Nike press-ups stands/bars and a rollout wheel. For me, those two pieces of kit can provide me with a few good sessions!

Today’s session was a simple chest session. it was:

Warm-up: mobility and easy press-ups.

  1. 45 degree on press-up stands. 3sets. 4040. 12reps.
  2. Parallel shoulder width on press-up stands. 3sets. 4040. 12reps.
  3. Close grip on press-up stands. 3sets. 4040. 12reps.
  4. Guillotine on press-up stands. 3sets. 4040. 12reps.
  5. Reverse grip on press-up stands. 2sets. 4040. 12reps.
  6. Isometric wipers. 2sets. To failure.

I’m a big fan of utilising tempo in my own training and in the training I design for my clients. When using bodyweight, calisthenic training, tempo is even more important. In today’s session I really slowed down the movements, I never rested on my skeletal strength at the top or bottom of the movement and just kept the momentum going up and down counting the 4seconds in my head. I personally find these types of sets agony, but I also find they produce results – far more than moving up and down as quickly as possible. I’m expecting some real DOMS tomorrow!