January 15, 2016In Nutrition, Royal MarinesBy Sean Lerwill5 Minutes

As per my blog post on Monday, my nutrition ebook (The Ration Pack Diet) hit the e-shelves of Amazon this month. A text designed to help anyone eat more healthily and thus lose fat/gain muscle/improve their sports performance. The question I have been asked, is how to eat for PRMC/Military training and is this book suitable.

The simple answer, is yes, this book is suitable for ANYONE wanting to eat more healthily and thus increase every part of their life (mental and physical) by putting decent fuel into their body rather than poor quality.

For those training for a PRMC, you will be asking your body to work harder than it ever has before. To achieve things it hasn’t been able to before, and thus you need to provide it with the right fuel and enough of it. There is one train of thought, that you will be doing so much exercise/activity that you can afford to eat as much as you like and as much of it as you like (which will be the case in Recruit Training for 90% of you), however I believe if you make some healthy habits now, they will stay with you for life and make you more healthy in the long run.

There are likely to be two types of people training for the Royal Marines:

  1. Those that eat too little
  2. Those that eat too much

Those that eat too little may wonder why they aren’t getting bigger or adding size. Why they aren’t finding the press-ups easier or the pull-ups easier. Why they have hit a pateau despite all the training. Well, without adequate food intake, your body can’t repair and adapt to the stimulus (training) you are providing and thus you are underselling yourself. Someone once said, “there is no such thing as over training, just under-eating”. I don’t agree with this entirely, but I understand the sentiment.

If this sounds like you, eat more. These guidelines can help:

  • Always have breakfast
  • Eat protein, carbs and fats with every meal
  • Drink lots of water
  • Don’t restrict yourself to 3 meals a day. In RT you will have four and often snack between
  • Eat with an hour of every training session to give the body what it needs
  • Don’t be afraid to take food with you to college/work in tupperware to allow you to fuel correctly pre/post training

Those that eat too much, may well be struggling with the running and pull-ups side of training for the PRMC. Ironically, when it comes to yomping with a bergen while in RT, you will probably excel, but you need to get there first. If you are carrying extra weight, and this is hampering your ability to run or get a good pull-up score you will need to lose some weight. The likelihood is that you are overeating. You need to restrict Calories and make you eating to allow you to reach your dream of getting a Green Beret; the first step being passing a PRMC.

The following may help:

  • Eat after every training session. This is when the body is primed to use the Calories for repair and muscle growth.
  • Drink lots of water. This will help you avoid snacking and help the body metabolise bodyfat
  • Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t skip meals.
  • At every meal, take your time eating and stop before you feel full. If you feel “stuffed” after every meal, you are overeating.
  • Avoid processed foods and junk food. These are low in nutrition and high in Calories. Especially fizzy drinks.
  • Eat lots of vegetables to fill you up and ingest nutrients like vitamin and minerals that will help metabolise fat.
  • Don’t overeat fruit but don’t avoid it. One to two pieces a day. Fruit is very nutritious but also very Calorific. Eating it straight after training is best.

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If you want some more information on nutrition, my ebook The Ration Pack Diet is not expensive and will provide a number of ways to enhance your personal diet to maximise your potential of performing well during your PRMC training.