October 5, 2015In Royal MarinesBy Sean Lerwill3 Minutes

After a number of people asked me the same question about what to eat when training for a PRMC, I put together the following video. Eating for Royal Marines training is actually pretty simple: you just need to do it! The biggest mistake people make these days when upping the amount of physical activity they do (to train for the PRMC or anything else that drastically increases the amount of training) is not to eat enough. If you don’t eat enough protein, your muscles cannot recover and grow. If you do not eat enough carbs, you cannot refuel the muscles after training ready for the next session. And if you don’t eat enough fats it can have drastic consequences to your health as fats make up the membranes of our cells and help certain fat soluble vitamins enter the body.

A few rules for you to stick to when training for the PRMC:

  1. Always eat breakfast
  2. Eat protein, carbs and some fats with every meal where possible:
    1. Palm size protein
    2. Cup handsize carbs (at least)
    3. Fist size of veg (more carbs but contains vitamins and minerals)
    4. Thumb size fats
  3. Avoid processed foods that are CRAP:
    1. Carbonated drinks
    2. Refined sugar containing foods
    3. Artificial colours
    4. Processed foods
  4. Drink 1litre of water for every 20kg you weigh. In training you will carry a water bottle everywhere you go.
  5. Eat within an hour of training, a protein shake and fruit if you haven’t got time for anything else.

If you are on the heavy side and need to lose weight to be able to get into training then you may need to watch your Calorie intake; use something like MyFitnessPal to do this. For most, however, you’ll need to add some weight to be able to cope with carrying the 100lb bergan you will eventually be given during training. You can only add some weight if you train hard and eat well. So do so.

[sd_video id=”5U5mf5XGyZQ” type=”youtube”]

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