December 16, 2012In Sean's SessionsBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

Warm up: various movements from session to come with lighter weights

Deadlift/Alt Hammer Curls Supersets – 4 sets

10 x Deadlift
12 x Alt. Hammer Curl
90 sec rest

Wide Grip Pull-Ups/Inverted Row Supersets – 3 sets

10 x wide arm pull-ups
10 x inverted rows
90 sec rest

Wide grip Lat pull down/DB Biceps Curls Supersets – 3 sets

10 x wide grip lat pull down
10 x DB curls
90 sec rest

Close Grip chin-ups/Close Grip Pull Downs Supersets – 3 sets

10 x close grip chin ups
10 x close grip pull downs
90 sec rest

Abs: cable ab curl/side bends – 3 sets
10 x cable ab curl
10 x side bend left
10 x side bend right