Ray’s Bulking Diary – Active Rest Week

Dumbbell Rack

After some light illness and general upheaval, this past week turned into an unintentional ‘active’ rest period. I had planned to finish my old job on the Friday, move over the weekend, and then both continue with my gym program and start my new job on Monday without missing a beat. How hard could that be?

Had I pushed full throttle, I might have been able to do it. But really, other areas of life demanded my attention, and Sean talked me round to the benefits of giving myself a week off to recover and get things sorted at work and in my new home.

I did still manage two gym sessions, though. First, a full body session on the Thursday, which allowed me to keep myself ticking over and check out the new facilities. Then on the Saturday I hit the gym with a friend. He had a push session planned, and I was more than happy to go along with that. It was good to train with someone else; the increased sense of competition and accountability made for a nice change of pace.

This week hasn’t really been as ‘active’ as it should have been, and that’s a shame. But it was important for me to take care of general life stuff, and now I’m pretty much all sorted I can knuckle down and kickstart the program in my new gym. Which, by the way, is pretty swanky. Lots of good quality kit and plenty of space. More benches, more racks – and a few toys I didn’t have at my old gym like TRX’s and ropes. It’ll do, folks. It’ll do nicely!

Tune in next week when we return to our regularly scheduled programming…

Ray Wilson - Author

Ray has worked with Sean on a number of projects across film, web, and health and fitness. In 2015 he completed a bulk/cut cycle, blogging about his experiences with weekly input and advice from Sean.