August 25, 2011In Fitness ModellingBy Sean Lerwill1 Minute

As part of the Lake Tahoe job, we were driven to the bottom of “Troy’s Mountain” (nothing to do with the Virgil books, Troy is a 1970’s US competitive Skier who ‘owns’ the mountain!). We then trekked up the mountain to an amazing spot that the production team had chosen previously, to get a shot of Danielle Holbrook and I running with a simply breathtaking backdrop.

Sean and Danille barefoot running on "Troy's Mountain"

Yet again, an experience most people wouldn’t be afforded in their lifetime. Danielle, John O’Grady, Temryss Lane and I felt truly honoured to be modelling in such awesome settings.

Thanks to everyone involved from the production company, to the client and the other models. A really cool group to work with.