December 23, 2011In LifestyleBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of ShadowsCaught up with a very, very good friend yesterday evening, and met his little sister for the first time.

After dinner, we all decided to catch a movie and headed to see Sherlock Holmes’ second outing.

I’ve always been a big Guy Ritchie fan. Lock Stock, Snatch and more recently RocknRolla all really impressed me. I did like the first Sherlock Holmes, but wasn’t convinced Guy could better it. I was wrong.

This film is not only better than the first, it also really good as a stand alone.

I hate going to the cinema tired, I fall asleep and get annoyed as I’ve wasted money. The only person I knew who’d seen this, had fallen asleep. Then again, he’s a PT client of mine, so had probably been working out and swimming hard and hence was fatigued! 😉

Although I was shattered, I didn’t even come close to falling asleep. The film was very well done. The scene in the woods when the “heroes” are running for the train is epic. It is so visually stunning. Wow! The story is good, the dialogue excellent and Jared Harris was a brilliant Moriarty. I wasn’t convinced when he was first revealed, but after his first meeting with Holmes, it was obvious he was perfect. I’ve never been a huge Robert D Jnr fan (good in Natural Born Killers and Due Date), but he is actually very good as Holmes. He’s made it his own, and I can’t imagine anyone else doing it now. He actually makes the film and is both easy to watch and captivating.

My only complaints come from the slightly Hollywood ending when compared to the book (yes, I have read one… once) and the fact that the lovely lady pictured below (Rachel McAdams) isn’t in it enough. Small quibbles as its a very, very accomplished film. Go see it this Christmas/New Year: you won’t be disappointed.

Rachel McAdams