Be More Bond

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The new Be More Bond App version includes:

  • Be More Bond – Bond’s fitness methods
  • Bond Bodyweight 10wk programme
  • Bond Bodyweight upper/lower 10wk prg
  • CommandoBond 10wk gym S&C prg
  • BMB 14wk run/swim programme
  • Bond unarmed combat routine
  • Bond mobility routine

What do you get in the BeMoreBond course?

The BeMoreBond course available on the Commando Conditioning app is simple: it’s a guide to living your life a little bit more like James Bond. At least the health and fitness side of it. We all remember that iconic shot of Bond walking out of the ocean in Casino Royale. There have been a number of workouts designed to help you get to that stage physically, but none of them would really be suitable for Bond himself.

BeMoreBond is everything you need. The course includes four separate workout programmes and all the knowledge you need to raise your fitness game to Bond levels. There are two 10week calisthenics programmes, a 14 week run/swim programme and a 10 week gym based Bond strength and conditioning programme. Oh, and there’s an unarmed combat routine that can be performed anywhere and everywhere.

BeMoreBond is THE course to obtaining the knowledge and physical attributes to be more like James Bond.

Combine and conquer!

For best results, we recommend coupling this programme with a sound nutrition strategy suited to your goals. Sean’s ebook, The Complete Guide to Successful Eating, is a complete guide to nutrition for anyone wanting an easy to follow yet effective plan to lose body fat, gain muscle, increase sports performance or simply improve health. It has everything you need to set you on the path to success.

The Complete Guide to Successful Eating by Sean Lerwill


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