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Pass the PRMC

For anyone wanting to train for their Potential Royal Marines Course or Potential Officers Course, this eBook contains all my recommendations, training methods and an eight week training programme.

What do you get in the Pass the PRMC eBook?

This is a full 29,000 word eBook that contains the following:

  1. Breakdown and explaination of the PRMC in detail day by day.
  2. Insider tips from an former Royal Marines PTI and Recruit Troop Commander.
  3. In depth details as to what is tested and the techniques required to pass.
  4. Detailed training ideas to improve all areas of PRMC. Specifically: press-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, running and mental strength.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions answered.
  6. Tips and advice for improving mental strength to obtain the Commando Strength of Mind.
  7. An 8 week specific PRMC training programme designed to improve every aspect for any candidate.
  8. The only PRMC specific book written by the author of the Official Haynes Royal Marines Fitness Manual sanctioned by the MoD.
  9. Advice on nutrition to maximise training potential for PRMC.
  10. Less than £10 for a 29,000 word eBook including information on the PRMC you will not find anywhere else.

Praise for Pass the PRMC

“Everything you need to pass the PRMC. Highly recommended.”

Jason ‘Foxy’ Fox
Former Royal Marines Commando and UK Special Forces
Instructor on Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins

“Fantastic resource for potential recruits. Worth every penny.”

Aldo Kane
Former Royal Marines Commando Sniper
Explorer and World Record Holder

“Having been through RMYO training with Sean, we have remained close friends. He has always advised me on my training, whether it be for courses such as the Mountain Leader course, events such as the Devizes to Westminster or just general fitness, health and nutrition. This book is a serious asset to anyone attempting the PRMC.”

Jon White
Former Royal Marines Officer
Mountain Leader and Inspirational Speaker

“The very best insight towards preparing to earn your Green Beret. Buy it now!”

Nick Goldsmith
Former Royal Marines Commando
Bushcraft Instructor and founder of Hidden Valley Bushcraft


Five Stars Amazing!

Amazing book, gives you everything you need to know about the PRMC and I can’t wait to begin the programme! Thanks Sean.

Five Stars Essential read

Covers all bases, a must for a potential RM recruit. Answered every available question I had to ask. Thank you Sean.


This deserves at least a 6th star. Written by a true professional and an excellent marine. An impressive bargain.

Five Stars What a read

Would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to join the Royal Marines. Sean’s knowledge and expertise is top notch!! Hoofing read Royal.

Five Stars Extremely helpful

This book has everything for someone with little to no knowledge of the PRMC and extra details for those who have done their homework. Another great insight from S. Lerwill into the state of mind and work ethic required for a RM.

Five Stars Serious about wanting to pass the PRMC? A must read.

If you are looking to join the Royal Marines then I would suggest this book becomes your ‘must have’ guideline and that you follow it and learn from it. If you are just interested in gaining an insight into what is probably the hardest Military training in the world, then this is also a great read for you. A 3rd group who might read this book is that if you have a son or brother, maybe a boyfriend or husband who is looking to join the Royal Marines, this book will give you an insight into just what they will face. Hopefully meaning you will be able to give greater support.

Combine and conquer!

For best results, we recommend coupling this programme with a sound nutrition strategy suited to your goals. Sean’s ebook, The Complete Guide to Successful Eating, is a complete guide to nutrition for anyone wanting an easy to follow yet effective plan to lose body fat, gain muscle, increase sports performance or simply improve health. It has everything you need to set you on the path to success.

The Complete Guide to Successful Eating by Sean Lerwill


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