Push Pull Legs

Push Pull Legs
I’m not going to try to push you into a sale, or pull your leg: this is my favourite training split.

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What do you get in the Push Pull Legs eBook?

In my opinion, this is the best weekly breakdown or muscle split for the average trainee. It allows tough, compound fuelled sessions to take place in each and every session which cover large muscle groups, while also allowing these larger muscle groups to be trained more than once a week. This is necessary to ensure muscle protein synthesis is re-kindled after it’s short 24-48hr window.

To allow for different goals, the programme has different rep ranges and sets for strength, hypertrophy or muscular endurance, allowing you to pick your specific goal and train for it. Alternatively, there’s an option to mix of all three, for those wanting to work towards fatloss or just challenge themselves with a programme that throws in the unexpected.

Suitable for male and female trainees from beginner to experienced.

Don’t forget nutrition!

For best results, we recommend coupling this programme with a sound nutrition strategy suited to your goals. Sean’s ebook, The Complete Guide to Successful Eating, is a complete guide to nutrition for anyone wanting an easy to follow yet effective plan to lose body fat, gain muscle, increase sports performance or simply improve health. It has everything you need to set you on the path to success.

The Complete Guide to Successful Eating by Sean Lerwill


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