The Complete Guide to Successful Eating by Sean Lerwill

The Complete Guide to Successful Eating is an all-encompassing nutrition guide for anyone wanting to equip themselves with the knowledge to support their chosen fitness goal.  Be that to lose body fat, gain muscle, increase sports performance or simply improve health, Successful Eating is paramount.


What do you get in Successful Eating?

A complete guide to eating successfully for anyone wanting to understand what their body needs to lose body fat, gain muscle, improve sports performance or simply improve health.

The book includes the following:

  1. All the nutrition information you need to start a healthier lifestyle, lose body fat, gain muscle or perform at a sport or hobby. Over a 40,000 word ebook.
  2. Three different choices of plan for you to follow.
  3. A very simple plan with only 8 Simple Rules of nutrition and 20 Foods to try to eat.
  4. A very in depth plan providing you with your specific Calorie and Macro needs for your body type and goal.
  5. A middle of the road plan following the Example Menus designed by former Royal Marines Commando Physical Training Instructor Sean Lerwill.
  6. The only nutrition book you will ever need to buy. All the information you need to change your life for the better by eating sensibly and healthily but without avoiding all the foods you like.
  7. Includes Nutrition Myths, putting to bed some myths you may have heard.
  8. Nutrition Mistakes, highlighting and explaining common mistakes to stop you falling into the traps so many do.
  9. Common Trends, examining and explaining the good and bad points of each to ensure you get the most out of the plan you choose.
  10. Case Studies, giving examples of people who have followed the methods within the book to change both physically and mentally and thus change their lives for the better.

Successful Eating is an ebook aimed at giving you simple and easy methods to enable you to make the nutritional changes you have always wanted to make, BUT this time they will last forever rather than only a few weeks.


Five Stars Great book, advice and plan!

Great book and read. It is a pragmatic guide that helps you improve your health, fitness and aesthetic goals. Goes into enough detail to allow you to understand the fundamentals without the confusing jargon or the complications that make sticking to a plan very difficult. No nonsense and effective.

Five Stars A great book that is easy to follow for up to date nutrition advice

I found this book perfect to get back on track for healthy eating, it is easy to follow and sets clear guidance on how to ensure you are getting the right nutrition and also enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can be tailored to any lifestyle with varying activity, I personally wanted to ensure I am getting the right energy in to support gym/running and also to shed some christmas lbs. I’ve been following it for two weeks and have noticed a difference already.

Five Stars As someone who has suffered for many years …

As someone who has suffered for many years with various food issues, and is now trying to balance weight loss with marathon training, I found this book invaluable in cutting through the multitude of fad diets currently available. It educated me in a no nonsense way, as to what to eat when, and gave a choice of approach depending on how much depth you wanted to go into.

I have also leant the book to my partner, who struggles to eat enough to keep up with his heavy training load. The information in the book provided him with the tools he needed, despite being incredibly different to my own needs. i.e. education on a personalised plan is what is available here.

Five Stars Hoofing read for everyone!

This is a must read for anyone interested in fitness, nutrition and well being.

A definite for potential recruits, Sean Lerwill’s experience from being a PT will give you the inside edge to passing the PRMC and getting through recruit training.

Five Stars I’m in the shape of my life

I’ve trained all my life but since buying The Ration Pack Diet, German Volume Training and Classic Compounds ebooks I’ve got my body fat down to 8.8% (body scan confirmed). This was something I never thought possible and always assumed I was genetically predisposed to being strong but a bit “doughy”. Your books made me challenge this mentality and hold myself to account. […] I’m in the shape of my life and with a young family am fitter and more energised at 31 than I was at 21!


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