July 29, 2014In Sean's SessionsBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

After a couple of clients I met Kate after her audition and a make-up test for a modelling job we both have at the weekend. Kate did a bit of an all over upperbody session, whereas I did the following shoulder session. We then both finished with the abs shown at the end.


Warm-up: mobilisation and light dumbbell shoulder press.

  • 1. GVT dumbbell shoulder press. 1osets. 10reps. 3030 tempo.
  • 2. Incline lateral raise. 5sets. 12reps. 3030 tempo.
  • 3. Reverse cable flies. 5sets. 12reps. 3030 tempo.
  • 4a. Seated shoulder press machine. 3sets. 12reps. 3030 tempo
  • 4b. Upright row. 3sets. 10reps. 3030 tempo.


  1. Weighted (kettlebell) crunch. 12reps
  2. Russian kettlebell twist. 20reps (alternate)
  3. Reverse crunch (holding kettlebell overhead). 12reps