Shoulders and calves – 27th January 2013

Sean Lerwill and Kate Braithwaite model for Bamboo Clothing


Low weight versions of movements to come

  1. Bent over lateral raise. (Forehead rested on raised bench)
    5 sets of:
    10 reps
    10 sec
    10 reps 20% lighter
    10 sec
    10 reps 20% lighter
    Tempo 3010
    90 sec rest between sets which includes: Seated calf raise, 5 sets x 12 reps, 40X0
  2. Trisets (tempo 4010, 5 sets x 10 reps of each)
    1. Poliquin seated lateral raise
    2. Seated inward grasp press
    3. Cable face pull
      90 secs rest between sets which included
      Standing single leg calf raise, 3 sets x 12 reps, 40X0
      Standing calf raise, 2 sets x 20 reps, 2010
  3. Tabata sprints on treadmill
    20 sec sprint
    10 sec rest x 8

Sean Lerwill - Author

Sean is an former-Royal Marines Commando Officer & Physical Training Instructor. He has been published as a writer five times, has a BSc in Molecular Genetics and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. He is also a Maximuscle ambassador.