November 14, 2015In Simon's Post-Op FitnessBy Simon Lockley2 Minutes

Hi everyone,

Firstly please accept my apologies for an extended absence since my first (and only) post. I had my shoulder operation and it didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped, which has slowed down my recovery considerably, hence my lack of blogging! I am still in quite a lot of pain and don’t have full movement, at 8 weeks post surgery that’s not really where I wanted to or should be. One positive is the diet that Sean wrote for me, it has really helped to keep my energy levels up and I have actually lost weight. I will need to ensure I remain disciplined and focused over the coming months and stick to the diet as it’s about to get a lot tougher…

The main reason for my absence is a back injury that I have carried for some time, a prolapsed L5/S1 disc. The in-activity (from the shoulder) aggravated my condition, and following an MRI I was referred for a surgical opinion. The surgeon recommended emergency surgery and I am booked in for a micro discectomy on Wed 21 Oct. The recovery time is approximately 6 weeks to return to work, and 12 weeks to return to resistance training. I have another uncomfortable few months ahead. I intend to “tap” into Sean’s extensive knowledge of physical training to complement my physiotherapy and to set me on the road to complete recovery. I will blog as and when I can and hopefully it may be of some use to anyone else on the road to recovery.

Thanks for reading,