February 14, 2013In Fitness ModellingBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

Sean Lerwill ripped (Credit: snhfoto)Yesterday Kate and I met and shot with amazing fitness / physique photographer Simon Howard. Simon is highly regarded within the fitness industry, shooting with the likes of Rob Riches and Shaun Stafford regularly.

Our shoot took place at Zone Gym in Wood Green, a great little old school style gym with everything you’d need to train hard or do a great physique photoshoot.

I spent the last few days cutting, drinking, visiting the toilet and carb loading. Today was the first shoot of two this week for me and three for Kate; she shot for Women’s Fitness again yesterday.

This shot was one Simon tweeted. it illustrates his amazing lighting skills and how much he really helps highlight the physqiue.

Can’t wait to see the rest of the shots and organise another shoot at some point.