August 7, 2013In TransformationsBy Sean Lerwill4 Minutes

I’ve teamed up with Pro Fighter Steve “the surgeon” Wakeling to help him prepare for his Glory10 Fight in LA on 28th September.

Steve is an outstanding fighter, with all the necessary tools to go all the way on the 28th. So, we’ve teamed up to give him the best strength and conditioning, and of course, a little taster of the Commando strength of mind, in the run up to his fight in 9weeks.

I’ve decided to put a blog post out when I can to give you guys a taster of the training we are doing for Steve’s prep. On top of this, you can head over to men’s fitness blog who are covering all of Steve’s training: boxing, Muay Thai, kick boxing, flexibility etc.

Today, we spent the first half of the session aiming to develop some added strength and power in the upper body, and the second half pushing the stamina and endurance specifically for the hard 3min rounds Steve will be enduring.

After a simple warm-up and some light mobility as Steve would normally do before a Martial Arts session, we moved onto power cleans. Following a few warm-up sets we performed 4sets of 5reps at a heavy working weight. Steve had 2mins recovery between sets.

Next was push press, again, following a few light warm-up sets, we moved onto the same heavy weight used for cleans and performed 4sets of 5reps. Steve had 90sec-2mins rest.

The plan was originally to work on plyometric press-ups at this point, but as Steve had tweaked his wrist sparring, we put that on the back burner until next time and moved onto to MedBall slams. We did two warm up sets before moving to a heavy ball and smashing 4sets of 5reps with 1min rest. This didn’t tax Steve much, but we where still working on Strength and Power at this point.

The last exercise in the strength/power phase of the session was cable punches. After a warm up set, we did two working sets of 10reps (5 on each arm) then a final set of 10reps with two drop sets attached. Rests were short, 30secs to 1min.

With the strength and power phase complete, we had a quick 2-3min rest and a chat about what was to come. Steve then completed the following:

  • 1min on the ergo, level 10 at 1.29/500m (below 1.30) straight into
  • 30secs double arm wave on the battle rope
  • 30sec single arm wave on the battle rope
  • 1min power bag cleans
  • 3mins rest
  • 1min on the ergo, level 10 at 1.44/500m (below 1.45)
  • 30secs double arm wave on the battle rope
  • 30sec TRX squat jumps
  • 30sec power bag cleans
  • 30sec single arm wave on the battle rope

Hats off to Steve, two horrendous rounds of 3mins, testing everything from his legs, to his arms, to his heart and lungs; not to mention his strength of mind. Couldn’t have asked for more effort! Especially after the power training before.

Looking forward to our next session on Sunday.