June 17, 2014In Nutrition, TrainingBy Sean Lerwill4 Minutes

My first post this summer. Amazing weather thus far, however, despite the amazing weather here in the UK, I’m sure many people will be jetting off abroad on some form of summer holiday to get some rest, (real) sun and sea.

I’m pretty lucky, I do a job that requires me to stay in pretty good shape all year round – I therefore don’t have that last minute “shit, better get in shape for the summer holiday” panic that a lot of people do have. I do understand where it comes from though. I haven’t written a blog in ages – I’ve been too busy, or at least that’s my excuse. We all make excuses, know that and change it.

The best piece of advice I can give, is to start making changes early. If possible, get yourself on a training programme as early as possible. 3 months is a good lead in to give you time to make changes, and if things don’t quite work out as planned, to make changes necessary to training/nutrition to make sure they do. However, I’ve been around the PT game long enough – actually, I’ve been around people long enough – to know that most of you will have left it to the last minute. Maybe 2-4 weeks to go before the holiday. Am I right? Don’t lie!

So can anything be done? I’m not an advocate for quick fixes, but there are some things that can at least make you feel a little bit better when you actually do hit the beach:

1. Cut salt right down

Don’t add salt to your food, avoid excessively salty food and processed foods that have salt high in their ingredients list. This will stop your body holding excess water from a heavily salty diet.

2. Start eating sensibly today

By that I mean put yourself into a calorific deficit and eat good quality sources of protein, carbs and fats. This IIFYM Calculator can be a good place to start.

3. Get outside and get some exercise

I put outside, as often adding a little colour from the sun can make us look and feel a little better about our physiques. Why do you think pale bodybuilders paint themselves in creosote before stepping on stage? Also, getting some exercise can have help make changes to your body faster than you thought, so all is not lost. For god sake don’t eat nothing and train like the clappers, but sort your calorie requirements and use some circuit type training or HIIT training to ensure a deficit, as well as building a little muscle itself which will help make metabolic changes in the long run.

Even if a slightly lower salty diet, eating good fresh food, getting some sun and exercise only affects you psychologically, it’s still affected you. A placebo still takes away a headache – feeling better when you hit the beach, is still feeling better.