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Panacea Stills

A collection of stills from the recent Panacea fake trailer shot by Cristiano Giardina, starring Kate Braithwaite and myself. Nigel the photographer himself has a real talent for his art. Thanks mate. For contact, email nigel@nigelpacquette.com.

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Panacea – VFX video

Following on from yesterday’s “Panacea” post, here is the VFX video showing the “making of”. Again, hats off to Cris, this really shows his dedication, hard work and talent!

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Panacea – a fake trailer by Cristiano Giardina

I was lucky enough to work with Cris Giardina recently on the fake trailer for his visionary feature “Panacea”. Cris is a talented writer, visionary director and a ridiculously hard worker. His multiple talents enabled him to pretty much make this trailer himself, directing, DoPing, editing, sound recording – short of acting and make-up he…

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