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Pushes – 2nd August 2014

Sean Lerwill with Damian Murray (Credit: snhfoto)

A good friend of mine and Kate’s, Damian Murray (as seen in the picture with me) was staying with us as he was attending (my old work colleague) Phil Learney’s Hypertrophy and Contest prep seminars. Damo wanted to train, so although Kate and I had been sports modelling all day for ThatGirl and ThatGuy respectively,…

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Legs – 11th July 2014

Sean Lerwill and Damian Murray (by snhfoto)

Yesterday Kate and I joined Damian Murray at new Exeter gym Peak Performance for a leg session. Damo is still one of my best online transformations (not a single 1:1 training session during his training with me) to date, and if you Google body transformation and look at Google images, he is still the one of the…

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