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100th Post!

Bit nostalgic, my 100th post on Seanlerwill.com! A big thanks to everyone from Haynes to Maximuscle, and everyone else who I’ve worked for/with over the last couple of years. From production companies like the Minimart to my agents WAthletic and Evolution Management. And of course, The Royal Marines. I thought this picture sums up the…

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A few images from The Lake Tahoe Merrell shoot last August

A few lifestyle images from the Merrell shoot at Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada last year with Danielle and John. Merrell seem to have only used them as headers so far, but I’m gonna watch this space. Apparently a video of our exploits to come soon too! For more information visit Merrell here: www.merrell.com/US

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Walkabout follows in Merrell’s footsteps!

The old Merrell crew were reunited last Friday to shoot a few posters for Walkabout 6 Nations Campaign. Myself, Danielle Holbrook and John O’Grady were once again in front of the camera together, although this time instead of runnng, jumping and wearing clothes pinned at the back and shoes a little too small, we were…

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