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Plan your exercise to see results


I’m sure as a former Royal Marines Officer you expected to read something about having a plan at some point. You weren’t wrong. This post is about making a plan to exercise to see the results you want. It’s not enough just to want to exercise, funnily enough a large percentage of adults want to…

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Compete with yourself


On Monday I wrote about giving yourself a break. The idea was simply to get you to see yourself as you would a colleague, friend or even a family member and to mentor and guide yourself when you make mistakes rather than chastise and ridicule. One thing we missed was why we do this. Why…

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Fit for Purpose


You may or may not have heard the term “Fit for Purpose”. We used it in the Royal Marines when discussing the types of exercises and physical tests a Recruit or trained Marine should go through in order to be most suitable for the job and various roles of an elite infantry soldier. There’s no…

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