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Tabata Training

seanlerwill tabata car push shredded lean

I was recently asked if I knew of any website with a list of good Tabata Training workouts. My answer was no, but I can list a few exercises I use for Tabata Training, i.e. exercises I use for the Tabata Protocol of 20seconds work, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds. Definition of Tabata Training…

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Hill Sprints

Sean Lerwill running

As it’s the end of┬áMay and therefore officially the start of the summer, I finally got outside for my first hill sprint session of the year (in the UK) yesterday.┬áBeing in Devon makes it all the easier (and better) to run along by the river and be out in the fresh air (compared to London)….

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The top 10 benefits of HIIT

Sean Lerwill stretching

Last week I put out my “dirty-dozen” HIIT training session. In response people have asked me if I prefer HIIT to LISS. Considering I was a county 400metre runner and county cross-country runner as a school boy, I’ve grown up enjoying both. In my twenties, while working as a Marine I definitely favoured the LISS…

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My Dirty Dozen Interval (HIIT) Session

People often ask me what I do to stay lean all year around. If you don’t know, I’m not a physique competitor, i.e. I don’t get on stage once a year to compete in a show. Sometimes these competitors are referred to as “fitness models” due to their size and shape, but in reality this…

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HIIT and abs – 21st June 2014

Sean Lerwill (photo by Phil Haynes)

Today was a family BBQ to celebrate Kate’s birthday, so the timing of our HIIT training session couldn’t have been better. I vary my HIIT from short burst of 15-20seconds, up to longer bursts of 1min plus. Today, the session was couple with abs/core so I was keen to nail the HIIT early to allow…

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Summer is here!

Sean Lerwill in the pool (photo by Matt Marsh)

My first post this summer. Amazing weather thus far, however, despite the amazing weather here in the UK, I’m sure many people will be jetting off abroad on some form of summer holiday to get some rest, (real) sun and sea. I’m pretty lucky, I do a job that requires me to stay in pretty…

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Is 3-4 minutes of high intensity exercise enough?

Sean Lerwill in the starting blocks

Yesterday while training one of my clients (who by his own admission used to weigh in excess of 130kg and is now under 100kg and becoming pretty muscular), an overweight individual came into the private gym we were in and walked on the treadmill (at a pretty good pace to be honest) for about 30minutes….

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