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Inspiring Woman

Charli Cohen's She is - Episode 1

Fitness is what this area of my site is all about. My personal training sessions, the training I provide for others and my advice/thoughts of fitness. In my first book (Royal Marines Fitness: Physical Training Manual) I explored the “Seven Components of Fitness”. Crossfitters will claim there are 12; I disagree. Anyway, very few people have all…

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Shoulders and abs – 6th July 2014

Yesterday was meant to be a cheeky interval and abs session with one of my clients and newly appointed Maxiraw Ambassador Kate. However, due to a footwear malfunction (not mine!) we did an impromptu shoulder and abs session instead: Warm-up: mobility and light reps. Push press. 12-15reps. 30×0. 3sets. Last set 2 x rest/pause to…

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Kate Braithwaite – Maxiraw Ambassador

Kate Braithwaite (credit Matt Marsh)

Huge congrats to my business partner, training partner, best friend and fiancée Kate for her recent addition to TeamMaxi. Kate trains incredibly hard everyday and has done since she attended dance college a few years ago now. Kate appears in Women’s Fitness every month as their exercise demo model and in the hero shots throughout the…

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Ollie wins the Maximuscle Protein Project

A huge congratulations to Ollie Ward, my trainee in the Protein Project for winning a deserved 1st place on Wednesday night. A huge thanks must go to his/our support team, the beautiful Bess Neathway and Kate Braithwaite, both were there whenever they could be to train alongside, raise spirits and make both Ollie’s and my…

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