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Men’s Fitness Transformation Results

Sean Lerwill's Men's Fitness Cover December 2012

As many of you will know, over the past 10 weeks I was helping Men’s Fitness Art Director on his 10 week training regime to obtain a healthier life style and better body. When we started Ped was a complete novice; he had never really performed a resistance training session. He could not squat, deadlift,…

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Men’s Fitness Shoot – 5th January 2013

Yesterday I spent the day at Nick Mitchel’s Ultimate Performance (City Branch) doing exercise shots for a new book from Joe Warner and the Men’s Fitness team. It was a great day, with us nailing over 300 exercises. From Ab crunches to Zottman Curl & everything in between, we took photos to show how to…

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Active Rest – 5th January 2013

Today was an active rest day. I didn’t train properly, but while doing a photoshoot for Men’s Fitness we did demos for over 300 exercises! I’m knackered. Tonight, sushi’s been done. Good recovery food and prep for tomorrow’s Men’s Fitness shoot – day 2. Sleep now!

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