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Some things you just can’t resist…

There are times in life when opportunities arise, yet you know you shouldn’t do them. We’ve all been there, that little temptation to do what’s considered wrong. But wrong in whose eyes? Yours? Your morals? Your parent’s guidelines? Or societies view on what is acceptable? Van Wilder (yes, yes, I do love Ryan Reynolds) said:…

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New York Photoshoots

Thank you so much to Jon Joseph (originally from Brighton, but now in New York) for an amazing photoshoot in Manhattan on Sunday! Jon completely outdid himself, especially with his locations – his homework really paid off. We took shots all over Central Park and headed down 5th Avenue and onto 34th Street. This is…

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New York, New York

Miss B. and I arrived in NYC last night! First day today. An important meeting first, then I think Cat will be helping us spend our money with some retail therapy! Awesome views as you approach the city – we yellow cabbed it just for the experience at 9pm last night. Well worth it!

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