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perseverance essential to Sean Lerwill creating his cover model body shown here curling an EZ barwith FatGripz showing ripped physique abs/sixpack

One of the biggest mistakes in someone’s fitness journey is giving up too soon. Lack of perseverance. Great things don’t happen overnight and often people fall foul of their impatience. Social media, advertising campaigns and celebrities don’t help, making it seem as if getting a six pack and rippling pecs, or flat stomach and long…

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Social Media Selfish

seanlerwill social media

Last week I saw the very knowledgeable Andy McKenzie put something on his Instagram about being selfish to be happy. I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of that post, other than to say in general I agree. The bits and pieces I have utilised from NLP and my own personal experience teaches me that we…

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