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Rather than fight against the current and continue to try to impress on people that in the long run it’s better to concentrate on eating healthily and adding in a sustainable exercise routine, rather than worrying solely about bodyfat. I’ve decided to give people what they want and put together Ten Simple Ways to Lose Fat. The caveat is that these 10 simple methods are all safe and sensible and in no way detrimental to health.

Eat breakfast

Ollie Ward's body transformationThe anecdotes of our past are strangely somehow often based in some form of truth. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” came from somewhere.ย  In terms of my Ten Simple Ways to Lose Fat, it’s certainly in there. Try to eat breakfast within 30minutes of waking, certainly within the first hour. Research has shown that in terms of fatloss and muscle gain, those having a GOOD breakfast are far more likely to lose the body fat they want to lose, but more importantly having created good breakfast habits, keep it off!

Protein for fatloss

It’s not just a case of a piece of toast and jam. That kind of breakfast needs to go along with no breakfast at all; in the past. You need to give your body a decent protein hit first thing. Around 20-30grams ideally. A good breakfast option is eggs. Again, it’s no wonder our ancestors were leaner and in some ways (diseases aside) healthier. Certainly when we consider incidents of lifestyle diseases and obesity anyway. Eggs and vegetables, perhaps with a bit of avocado are a great choice. My personal favourite is poached eggs and spinach on a piece of stoneground wholemeal toast. Scrambled are of course a great option too.

Quick breakfast

If making breakfast in the morning fills you with excuses and “but I don’t have time for that“s then you need to find another way. I’ve helped a vast number of people lose weight/excess fat over the years and I’ve learned that compliance is probably the most important part of a fatloss journey (learn more here). Some people will do whatever I say. However, for the majority, if we don’t create habits they can stick to easily, well, they won’t become habits! If this is you, either start a routine where you get up earlier to make sure you get the required breakfast in, or do it in a different way…

Two examples are:

Protein shake

A personal favourite of mine if 30-40grams of protein powder blended with spinach, broccoli stem, kale and occasionally Spirulina and any powdered vitamins I am taking at the time. I don’t add fruit to this. Keep following these Ten Simple Ways to Lose Fat posts to see why.


Make it easy, super easy for yourself not to miss a high protein breakfast by being prepared. Boil half a dozen eggs every night while making dinner or even just a cup of green tea. If you think you’ll forget, leave a post-it on the bathroom mirror so every time you use the toilet you see it and it reminds you. Let them cool and have 3 for breakfast the next day. Add some spinach and a little mustard and pepper to chopped boiled eggs for a great meal. If you are really stuck for time, take them peeled but whole in a Tupperware and eat them on the way to work. Just make sure it’s within that 30-60min window.

Fight the Fat

Whether you are a female trying to cut a dress size or a guy who just wants to see his six pack, training alone won’t lower your bodyfat, especially if that training is just CV based. Follow my Ten Simple Ways to Lose Fat blogs as they come out for more ways you can easily start to burn bodyfat.

One of my high protein breakfasts: