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Rather than fight against the current and continue to try to impress on people that in the long run it’s better to concentrate on eating healthily and adding in a sustainable exercise routine, rather than worrying solely about bodyfat. I’ve decided to give people what they want and put together Ten Simple Ways to Lose Fat. The caveat is that these 10 simple methods are all safe and sensible and in no way detrimental to health.


Ollie Ward's body transformation by Sean Lerwill for the Maximuscle Protein ProjectWe’ve all heard that caffeine can support fatloss in some form or another. Even if it’s just a fleeting comment from someone in a chain coffee shop while ordering their sugary based syrup milkshake masquerading as a coffee. The bottom line is, caffeine has been show to help with fatloss. Obviously it needs to be ingested sensibly and not as part of a 1000kcal drink!

Increase Of Lipolysis

Lipolysis is the breakdown of fat. Some studies have shown that caffeine could be effective at increasing this. However, it’s worth understanding that there are two mechanisms needed in the utilisation and burning of fat. Fat can be mobilised and then metabolised. Many commercially available fat burners make use of ingredients that will help mobilise the fat (such as caffeine which increases lipolysis) but the fat must then be metabolised (in simple terms, used) and for this you must move! Exercise is still the key ingredient to ensure that stored energy (in this case stored as fat) is broken down and used, otherwise it may well just be stored again.

Temporary Increase Of Thermogenesis

Now, considering we said caffeine can help with the mobilisation of fat, by increasing the liposysis, wouldn’t it be helpful if it could also increase the burning of fat (which I said above we need to do by moving or exercising.) fatloss coffee caffeineStrangely, some studies have shown that caffeine may temporarily raise the metabolism thus boosting Calorie consumption, in short burning the mobilised fat more efficiently. Sound too good to be true? There is of course a downside. We all know that people become tolerant to coffee and thus need to drink more to feel the effects. This is the same to experience this metabolism boosting effect. It’s thought that those that already drink  more than 300mg/day will no longer experience this effect. Better to wean yourself off then slowly add back for fat burning purposes then…?!

An energy boost – or so it seems

Caffeine has been the drink of choice for the tired office worker for years. The Italians made it cool and the Americans made it their (or so they think). The fact is that we probably spend more time in the coffee shop than the pub as nations. Coffee is cool and caffeine is the drug of choice for millions. Look at RedBull or Monster or any other caffeine based energy drink. Now, don’t start drinking those, they aren’t good for anyone. However, the effect they rely upon from the caffeine can be great as a pre-workout if ever you are feeling a bit slow. An espresso or a couple of caffeine tablets will not only give you a better chance of working with intensity in the gym, but will also give you the benefits described above.

Green Tea

kate braithwaite maxinutritionWe’ve all been told that green tea is better than coffee. There are thousands of blogs and articles on the net calling green tea’s praises. Well, green tea may well be better than coffee, but it doesn’t contain as much caffeine, despite having some. However, it does contain the active ingredient, EGCG. The interesting thing is that studies have shown that when green tea is combined with caffeine (from say coffee) the two can boost circulating levels of norepinephrine which helps the breakdown of stored fat.

Again, as I’ve said in previous Ten Simple Ways to Lose Fat blog posts, you need an understanding of your nutritional needs (The Ration Pack Diet) and a good resistance based training programme to really get on top of fatloss, but these tips on caffeine can help.

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