September 11, 2017In NutritionBy Sean Lerwill4 Minutes

Rather than fight against the current and continue to try to impress on people thatย in the long run it’s better to concentrate on eating healthily and adding in a sustainable exercise routine, rather than worrying solely about bodyfat. I’ve decided to give people what they want and put together Ten Simple Ways to Lose Fat. The caveat is that these 10 simple methods are all safe and sensible and in no way detrimental to health.

Cold shower

Ollie Ward's body transformation by Sean Lerwill for the Maximuscle Protein ProjectDon’t stop reading yet… stick with me for a few more sentences. First, you can still have hot showers. You don’t need to stop having hot showers! However, it’s worth considering having 20-30sec of cold at the end of your shower before you get out and dry. I know that sounds crazy and for some readers pretty horrible, but, it is thought to help the body burn more fat.

Swim Theory

The theory comes from the amount of Calories (understand your Calorie needs via The Ration Pack Diet) swimmers burn when training, it’s more than simply the amount utilised from the exercises itself. Long story short, the swimmer’s bodies have to burn more Calories just to stay warm. Take this to everyday life you have 3 choices:

  1. Ice bath – fill a bath with cold water, add a couple of bags of ice and sit in it for 10-20mins. Even better if the legs are in pain after a marathon or leg session, but it’s still torture!
  2. Ice pack across the neck. Placing an ice pack across the neck and upper shoulders is thought to have some of the same effects. Again, keep it there for 10-20mins
  3. Cold showers. Not as good as an ice bath but some of the same benefits with a lot less of the pain! Think about the ice bath while keeping your neck and shoulders under the shower. Put the head and face under as well. AIm for 30secs and stay for a minute if you can!

Post workout

Post training, especially something really intense like HIIT training, a fast CV session or a sports conditioning session, a cold shower can actually help regulate the body temp before dressing. That’s a great time to condition the body to cold showers. However, it’s still necessary (if you want to use this tip) to turn the shower to cold after a normal wash and endure up to a minute of cold water on the upper shoulders, neck and head.

There are other supposed benefits such as tighter skin and immune increases, however, the main aims here are increased fatloss from changes to the metabolism due to cold exposure.

Cold Shower

Whether you are a female trying to cut a dress size or a guy who just wants to see his six pack, training alone won’t lower your bodyfat, especially if that training is just CV based. You need an understanding of your nutritional needs (The Ration Pack Diet) and a good resistance based training programme.

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