February 5, 2016In ExercisesBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

About 4 years ago while working at the Third Space in Soho Kate and I filmed a number of exercises with the idea being I would put out basic info on how to perform all the exercises I recommend. Rather than let them go to waste, I’m going to be putting them out over the next few weeks, month.

The Deadlift

[sd_video id=”tanS–yLmNA” type=”youtube”]

  1. Stand with feet just shy of shoulder width flat beneath bar, shins close to bar and chest over the bar
  2. Grasp bar with shoulder or slightly wider than shoulder width grip. Use an overhand or mixed grip.
  3. Lift by pushing down through the heels into the floor and bringing hips and knees to full extension.
  4. Ensure shoulders are pulled back at top of lift and not rounded. Ensure back is not hyperextended.
  5. Return bar to the ground under control ensuring it makes contact with the ground to enable subsequent reps to be “dead” lifts.
  6. Repeat for reps ensuring form is maintained.

Personally, after some minor back trouble as a child, I avoided the deadlift for many years; scared if would lead to injury. This was partly due to seeing so many young me I trained with or knew through association performing the exercise so poorly with far too much weight on the bar. As I gained in confidence and knowledge with weight training I added the exercise to my repertoire. Personally, I am still conservative with the weight but have found the exercise useful in improving other lifts and overall strength and conditioning.

Use the exercise, just watch your form and start light.