January 19, 2013In The Protein ProjectBy Sean Lerwill3 Minutes

Where do I start?

30 people put through a series of fitness tests by me, Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health cover model Toby Rowland and Reach Fitness, S&C coach Rich Tidmarsh?

The terrible weather conditions meaning travel arrangements for the majority of the competitors was severely “hampered”?! The celebrity X-Factor style panel that the competitors had to face (once sweaty and physically tested by us) made up of the likes of Jon Lipsey, Andi Peters and James Haskell?

Yes, it was a great day for all. I think the 20 plus guys and two girls who actually managed to make their way to Marble Arch from all around the country had a great, once in a lifetime, experience.

For me, meeting Rich for the first time and working with him was a pleasure. Toby and I have met before on photo shoots, and as previous it was a pleasure to chew over some of the horror stories of the fitness industry and plan some training sessions together for the near future! As always, and as I say we do everyday, I learned something ( a few things actually) new while chatting to Maximuscle nutrition expert extraordinaire Gareth. Always insightful and eye opening.

The Protein Project - training on the rowing machinesAbove all, and I discussed this with Jon Lipsey, editor of Men’s Fitness, it was eye opening as to how varied the general publics fitness knowledge and ability really is. With a cross section of individuals, from all walks of life; firefighters, to financial directors to ex military, we found that the level of general knowledge was far lower than we expected. Not only did Jon express his dismay at this in terms of producing a magazine that should hopefully address some of the issues people are confused over, but Rich, Toby and are I we’re somewhat surprised at how poor some applicants coordination, flexibility and general biomechanics were. Not all, but enough to question our initial thoughts.

So what I hear you ask? There’s a surprise, the people brought to train with Maximuscle for 12 weeks and make a significant difference aren’t already the perfect gym rats. Ok, I get that, but what this has meant to me is that I’m going to try and put out more informative posts to help cover some simple areas of knowledge that I hope people reading these posts will want to read. With the protein project about to get underway, I guess supplements would be a good place to start, but we’ll see!

Finally, good luck to anyone who is waiting to find out if they’ve been picked. I’m looking forward to taking my “Recruit” and over 12 weeks helping him/her change both mentally and physically for good.

Maximuscle's Protein Project recruitment day
Decision making time. I put my 10 pence worth in to the mix!