January 11, 2016In NutritionBy Sean Lerwill5 Minutes

For those of you that aren’t aware, I spent the latter half of last year working on my own nutrition book. This hit the Amazon ebook shelves at the beginning of this month to allow anyone wanting to kick off 2016 with a health and fitness regime to do so in conjunction with a sensible eating plan.

In my opinion, nutrition is at least half the battle when striving for losing body fat, gaining muscle or increasing sports performance. Having said that, nutrition alone isn’t enough. You must train as well and that training must be specific to your goal, intense to cause changes in the body and progressive to ensure continual adaptation and change. If you are a regular to my site, you’ll know that there are a number of free training programmes, that if followed correctly will provide you with the intensity and progression necessary for change; be it fat loss or muscle gain. Be aware though, training alone isn’t enough either; you need to get nutrition right as well, as I said. It’s half the battle.

My nutrition book may be called the Ration Pack Diet, but it isn’t really a diet and it certainly isn’t just based around ration packs. However, advice on how to make a book stand out from the crowd on Amazon lead to a military themed title to fit my personal background. In reality, the book has three major methods for anyone to follow to enhance their personal nutrition. One is “ration packs” that I have drawn up, which are really menu ideas for specific Calorie needs so if you are short of time and ideas, once you have followed the simple maths to work out your needs, you can just follow these.

The simplest method within the book doesn’t worry about Calories or macros, it gives “7 Simple Rules” and “20 Foods to Eat”. All you have to do is follow the rules as often as possible and eat foods from the 20 Foods list each day, and you’ll see huge positive changes in both your physical appearance and mental well-being. For anyone starting out with nutrition, this method can work wonders and be a sure fast way to get off the starting blocks without becoming overwhelmed which can often lead to falling off the wagon. You’ll be surprised how simple this method of “dieting” can be and thus how effective, without making you feel restricted and depressed.

Lastly, as many have asked about, this book contains the more complicated matter of allowing anyone to work out there macro and Calorie needs to support a fat loss or muscle gain diet while counting Calories and macros using something like MyFitnessPal. If you don’t want to do this, don’t be put off, the 7 Simple Rules outlined above will have you covered. If you do want to do this, I provide body type specific ways of working out your macros which (from my Genetics BSc days) believe is important. We are all slaves to our genes to some extent don’t forget.

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There you have it: The Ration Pack Diet. Less of a diet and more of a text to eat healthily to enable fitness, fat loss or muscle gain improvements easily and healthily. I include 10 nutrition myths to be aware of, discuss current nutritional trends and explain why this is the only nutritional text you’ll ever need. I’m not selling a new programme every 6-12 weeks. You can buy this, follow the nutritional guidelines that suit you and your life while following one of the 15 or so free training programmes on my site and then just change the programme while sticking to the nutrition that suits you. Simple, and 99% of you will see huge change if you are consistent and accountable to yourself.